water, water, everywhere

After two days of pouring rain, South Buffalo Creek has swollen to double its normal size. In some places, the creek has overrun its banks, sending the swirling water into overflow channels carved out during previous spring storms. Once the fields became saturated, the water streamed down both sides of our lane. Among the creatures enjoying this deluge are the northern peepers – the rain recharged the wetlands in our front field where these tiny frogs are in full mating mode. It’s spring in the Blue Ridge!

Photo by Jo Ann Abell

Swollen South Buffalo Creek

2 thoughts on “water, water, everywhere

  1. You are fortunate to have that smount of rain-Here in Sc we have had some good late-Winter and Sprinbg rain but are still clearly in a drought situation. I need more information on Rose of Sharon-A friendly neighbor gave us two shrubs and they are both full of buds-We are just watering and fertilizing and waiting for the beauty to appear!

    • We had Rose of Sharon on the farm in Sharpsburg. It’s an “old-timey” bush that grows slowly. Best to shape it every couple of years to get more blooms. It blooms all summer long.

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