very berry summer

I’m excited that the wild berries around the farm are almost ready to harvest. With all the rain, the blackberries are big and plentiful. We’ll be picking them in a few days for blackberry jam and a pie or two.

Autumn loves blackberries, too. She plays a little game where she watches me and if I make a move toward a big, fat ripe berry, she dives in and tries to get to it first! Callie, on the other hand, is much too interested in rousting rabbits, skinks, and voles from their hiding places to pay attention to berries.

The wineberries won’t be ready for a couple of weeks, but they promise to be very tasty. Of course, we’ll be in competition with the deer, snakes, birds, and other critters once they ripen – I know the animals have been keeping a watchful eye on their progress by all the little trails beneath the vines!

We’ve had a lot of thunder storms this summer and one is closing in as we make our way back to the house. We got high winds from the last one, so I’m hoping this one will be more benign.

Today, I spotted this tiny hummingbird egg at the edge of my rock garden in the front yard (that’s a quarter next to it). For the life of me, I can’t imagine how the mother bird feeds babies that are no bigger than the tip of my little finger!

One more interesting tidbit – the seeds of sweet woodruff from our old house must have been attached to the bottom of this goose when we moved. We had a bunch of it in our front yard and somehow it survived the move and sprouted from underneath the statue.

Here’s the mascot of AutumnSong watching over the farm.

“Discovering this idyllic place, we find ourselves filled with a yearning to linger here, where time stands still and beauty overwhelms.” — Unknown


14 thoughts on “very berry summer

  1. I can’t believe the sweet woodruff made the trip! very interesting. Our blackberries are a few weeks behind you. We never did see the 17 year cicada here. We saw lots of smaller typed shells stuck to the trees but, haven’t been invaded… YET

    • I guess the periodic cicadas don’t show up everywhere. We have a zillion little holes in the ground where they emerged. We’re back to peace and quiet again 🙂

  2. Gorgeous blackberries. They don’t grow up here, unfortunately. We just finished our strawberry season (much to my chagrin) and should have raspberries for a few more weeks.

    Amazing discovery with that hummingbird egg! After all my years in the field, I have yet to see one. Adult hummingbirds actually feed their young insects, mostly small flies and midges. I’m curious to know how they manage to not poke each other with their beaks, crammed into that tiny nest.

    • Yeah, I’d love to see young hummingbirds in their nest. On our walk today we discovered that most of the wineberries have been eaten 😦 I’m going out today to grab the blackberries before the birds get to them!

  3. Hello Jo Ann,

    I’ve come over from Heather’s blog (above) and am delighted to find another nature lover. Regretfully the berries in my high-elevation home in Alberta are behind both you and Heather and I’m still waiting for the first. I’ve never heard of wineberries, which represents what I love about reading nature blogs – so much to learn. I too am also amazed at your discovery of the hummingbird egg. I seldom see the birds, let alone their eggs. More to learn from you and Heather!

    • I feel like I never know what I’m going to find. There’s always some “drama” going on here so I never have to worry about finding material to write about – it finds me!

    • Oh, I feel bad for you. I’ve been through droughts and sometimes it seems like it’s never going to rain again. I remember one time we were so dry that my two children, who were just toddlers at the time, and I actually ran out and danced in the rain we were so happy.

  4. Wineberries and blackberries barely ripen before they’re plucked by the critters here. I’ve never seen a hummingbird egg. Does that mean there’s a nest really close by? I’ve never seen that either.

    • Funny you mentioned that – all our ripe berries have been stripped! A black bear left his calling card near the vines, so that’s one of the culprits. We also have more deer this year and they’re hitting them hard too. We have several pairs of hummingbirds coming to our nectar feeders with their offspring so, yes, we have nests close by. Never seen a nest though.

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