A Day on the Farm

Another beautiful November day. Bill’s son Scott came for a visit with his daughter Riley and sons, Tyler and Grayson. What a day the kids had playing with the dogs and chickens and roaming the farm!

Bill and Scott went into the woods to cut up an oak tree that had been knocked over during the last storm. The kids had a great time riding in the cart on the way to get the logs.

Once the logs were cut into firewood lengths, Riley and Grayson helped load the logs into the wagon to be hauled to the woodshed. As the saying goes, “many hands make light work.”

While they were doing that, Tyler had a great time swinging on a vine and then built a teepee with his dad.

After dinner, they packed up and headed back, a three-hour drive. I’m sure the kids slept all the way home. As for Bill and I, we went to bed early and the dogs have been napping all morning.


7 thoughts on “A Day on the Farm

  1. They had a blast. I debated putting this post up because it isn’t really about nature and I like to stick to that, but my granddaughter Riley subscribes to my blog and really wanted me to, so what choice did I have?

  2. The kids will remember the cart ride for decades, not even knowing what a learning experience it was in being part of natures process. GOOD ON

    • You’re absolutely right – I have many moments like that in my childhood that I still remember like it was yesterday. The dogs are still recovering…:)

    • Thanks for visiting! I love having a place where my grandchildren can visit and get a good healthy dose of the outdoors. 🙂

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