Winter as seen through the eyes of my fellow bloggers

Sometimes winter can seem gray and dreary, but as the old saying goes, beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. There is subtle beauty to be seen even in the starkness of winter if we take the time to look closely at the landscape around us. We see it in the splash of red of the cardinal, the sparkle and shimmer of frost on a withered leaf, the play on the light of frost and sunlight, or the exquisite design of a single snowflake.

Some of the most visually stunning photographs of winter scenes I’ve ever seen appeared over the past few weeks in the posts of fellow bloggers – and that’s what inspired me to do this post! I obtained permission from four nature photographers in my little corner of the blogosphere to use their exceptional portraits of winter to showcase the season’s beauty. I hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to get outside and see more of what nature has to offer.

Snö på torkade blommor stor

“The never ending snow”
Take a walk on the wild side


“Comfort and Joy”
Life in the Bogs

Frosty tree

“Frosty Tree”
Still Life and Silence

“Serenity of Nature”
Photo Nature Blog

Snowy tree trunks
“The never ending snow”
Take a walk on the wild side

Mr. Cardinal watches as the snow starts to fall.
“Beautiful blizzard”
Life in the Bogs

Ammi visnaga seedhead covered with frost (
Still Life and Silence

“Glowing Leaf in Winter”
Photo Nature Blog

Frost (1024x683)

Still Life and Silence

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30 thoughts on “Winter as seen through the eyes of my fellow bloggers

    • Yeah, there are a lot of very talented people in the blogosphere and I’m finding more every day. I’m not a great photographer, but I recognize great photos when I see them!

  1. WOW! These pictures are absolutely wonderful! They truly depict the beauty of nature – no matter what the season! Very uplifting!

    Much love, Margie

    • Thanks, Margie. I suppose there is beauty outside today, but it’s so wet and sloppy that I may not get to observe it! Too much rain!

    • You’re welcome. I spent quite a bit of time selecting the pictures because there were so many top-notch photos to choose from.

    • Thanks, Susan. I hoped the pictures would be uplifting and a reminder of how much beauty is out there during every season.

  2. Wonderfully uplifting, completely gorgeous, fantastically frosty photographs. Thanks SO much for sharing! (And I’ll be passing you along to a friend too, just so you know; )

  3. Thank you, Deb, for your kind comments. I see that you’re a beekeeper. My husband has four hives and we got our first batch of honey last spring – boy, is it superior to any we’ve bought over the years! The bees were out a few days ago when the temps were in the 60s, but since then, it’s been pretty cold. I hope their stores last them until spring.

    • Good luck to you and your ba-bees… Hoping for enough honey stores (and cool enough weather to keep them slowed down in “winter mode”; )

      • Some of the bees were flying today (it got up to about 50 degrees) – a few even landed on the snow – maybe to get a drink?

        • Hmm, could’ve been a couple of things…
          Bees need to make a periodic “cleansing flight” through the winter, so they’ll go when the weather’s warm enough.
          Landing on the snow to get a drink, well for an insect that’s not a good idea, ’cause if they get chilled they mightn’t be able to get back to the hive and will die. However, if you do see dead bees on the snow, it might also be that they’ve just gotten to the end of their lifespan (although a bees’ metabolic rate decreases in colder temperatures so they live longer, some may still die “of old age” through the winter). Hope this helped?

  4. This is a beautifully written post with some inspiring photography!

    And thank you for including my photos, I’m so glad that you enjoyed them.


    • Thank you so much, Heidi, for letting me use your photographs. There were so many beautiful photos that it was hard to pick just two!

  5. Gorgeous collection, Jo Ann. It’s always fun to see winter around the hemisphere. We’re pretty much white and blue around here these days but even in the deep cold, there is a lot of beauty. I keep meaning to go out looking for sundogs. Thanks for compiling all of these lovely images.

    • If you go out and see a sundog in the winter sky, maybe you could capture the image and share it. I googled it, but have never seen one.; I have a follower in Sweden, and it’s really neat to see winter scenes from so far away.

      • No luck on the sundogs this time. I have a photo from many years ago. As I’m sure you’ve read, they’re caused by ice crystals in the air and we’ve been around -28C or lower lately. Unfortunately, we’ve also been a bit windy, which doesn’t lend itself well to sundogs. If I get one, however, I’ll definitely let you know.

        It’s fun to see the world through the eyes of people from far away. That’s why I enjoy reading other people’s blogs so much. Thanks, as always for sharing your perspective.

  6. This is a really lovely post, Jo Ann. Thank you so much for featuring a couple of my photos, especially among those other gorgeous images. 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the pics, but the thanks really go to the photographers (like you) that took the amazing pictures. The photos are an inspiration to me to think creatively when I’m out there with my camera.

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