Ol’ Man Winter’s Last Gasp?

We had five or six inches of snowfall from yesterday’s storm (sigh). All in all, we haven’t had a bad winter, but I’m tired of the cold and snow and wish spring would get on with it. Here’s some pictures from my walk today. Beautiful, yes, but I’m hoping Ol’ Man Winter is packing his bags and heading out of town!

View through the valley of the Short Hills

View through the valley of the Short Hills

Autumn in the wetland by the brook

female cardinal

A female Northern Cardinal and Dark-eyed Juncos

Seadheads from last year's ironweed

Seadheads from last year’s ironweed

The beehives

The beehives

Path down to the back field

Path down to the back field

Are you as ready for spring as I am?

32 thoughts on “Ol’ Man Winter’s Last Gasp?

  1. The only good thing about this last snowstorm is that it missed me somehow, not that it wasn’t cold enough. Like you, I am tired of winter, even though your photos make it look very pretty.

    • I can’t wait for the ephemeral flowers that will appear in the woods in just a few weeks and I want to feel the sun on my back!

  2. Beautiful photos (I’m always a sucker for the birds). The snow has nearly vanished here and the green tips of crocus and daffodil are visible in the yard again, – so I’m with you in hoping winter is done with us.

  3. Such beautiful pictures, but I know exactly how you are feeling. We have had another widespread snow fall this week in the UK, with more forecast for Easter weekend and I can honestly say that for most of us, the novelty has truly worn off! I am definitely as ready for spring as you are!

  4. Hi, Jo Ann: Happy to be in the minority enjoying the beautiful snow scenes here and admitting that I am not tired of it yet! April might be another story, though! In past years, We had snow several times in April and even in May…so who knows. Margie

    • You are in the minority, Margie! Snow in may, now that’s crazy talk! Plan a trip down when you’re tired of snow. 🙂

    • It didn’t help that we lost power for two days in the storm before this last one. That pretty much did it for me. I want to go outside and not have to wear ten pounds of clothes!

    • You must be snow blind by now! I think I sent you a postcard or something years ago that said, “Of course, we have summer in Minnesota…last year it came on a Tuesday.” hahahhah

  5. Another Sue from Minnesota — yes, yes, yes, winter, be done with already. A new fresh coat of white is nice, but only if it melts as fast as it falls.

  6. A good bit of the snow has melted already. That’s the great thing about this time of year in Virginia – if we get a snow, it melts in one or two days. So far, my husband’s sister in New Hampshire is the only one who wants more winter – but what do you expect, her last name is Louney! 🙂

  7. Very pretty area. I hoping to ride my motorcycle up from Georgia up to Warm Springs, VA for the first time this Summer then on into W. VA as well. I like your blog and how your in tune with nature. Very cool.

    • Warm Springs is a very pretty area. I spent a couple of days. My husband and I rented a log cabin right in town and ate at a great restaurant, the Inn at Grist Mill, if I remember correctly. Not The Homestead – too expensive!

  8. Beautiful photographs! but from a West Coast point of view that is more than a gasp. I sit on a sofa to type my posts and just on the other side of the window is our bird feeder. I’ve been showing the birds your photo of the Cardinal and Junco so that they can appreciate what they have. Hope you thaw out soon.

  9. Thankfully, it’s sunny right now. Sun is good. Maybe I should show my dogs your photos so they can see better, warmer days in their future. 🙂

  10. I think I will appreciate the spring ephemerals more than ever this year. I get out almost every day throughout most of the year, but I probably wouldn’t get out that much during the winter if it wasn’t to take the dogs for a walk or get material for my blog.

  11. Gorgeous photos! I’m definitely ready for Spring! Though I’ve already had a taste of it while visiting CA, I’m looking forward to experiencing the emergence of Spring in New England!

    • I am a little surprised that so many bloggers will admit that they are just a wee bit tired of winter- I had seen so many posts with beautiful pictures of winter that I was starting to feel like I was the only one ready to be rid of it!

    • I called it a gasp because the next day it got to 40 degrees and melted half the snow. We’re supposed to be close to 50 today, so that will take the rest of it. When the snow melts, I’m always surprised to see how much green is under there!

    • I don’t do too much outside during the winter except go for walks with my camera. Once warmer days hit, I’ll be working in the garden, planting asparagus and rhubarb, cleaning out the chicken coop, planting native wildflowers, and all kinds of things. Can’t wait!

    • I think the more snow you get, the prettier it is. They key is to get the pictures as soon as it stops snowing!

  12. Beautiful pictures! I don’t know how I missed this over a week ago, but now you’ve got me already feeling nostalgic for snow, as we face a week of much-needed rain.

    • I’m so done with winter. It really wasn’t a bad winter, it’s just that by April we’re usually into warmer weather. It’s 65 here today and the sun feels good!

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