What Spring Hath Wrought

After an amazingly long winter, spring has finally arrived in central Virginia, with temps soaring into the 80s. My daughter was down from Maryland with my grandson and the first thing we did was go for a walk around the farm. I hadn’t been out for a couple of days and wanted to see what changes the welcome warmer weather had brought.

One of my favorite trees is Eastern Redbud, a native perennial, and I was happy to see this young one by the road blooming. The buds for which the tree gets it name are a deep pink. The lighter pink blooms appear in early spring before other trees have leafed out, allowing them to steal the show. After flowering, reddish-purple, pea-shaped seedpods form. The seedpods will provide food for doves, grouse, wild turkey, quail, and other birds.


The banks along the gravel road we live on are covered with another early bloomer, blood root. Sometimes called bloodwort, the flower gets its name from its root sap that bears a remarkable resemblance to blood. Bloodroot prefers to grow in shady, wooded areas where there is little activity.


An Eastern phoebe kept turning up during our walk. This phoebe and his mate have already built their nest, a cup of mud and moss, in the rafters of our front porch. A pair successfully fledged offspring in the rafters last year, so I suspect it’s the same pair. I can’t tell if this is the male or the female because both of the sexes look alike.

Eastern Phoebe

Last fall, we planted a willow tree in a wet area in the front meadow. We had an extremely wet fall and winter, and even though willows love it wet, we feared the tree might not make it. After checking it every day for weeks looking for signs of life, it had sprouted leaves literally overnight.

Willow tree

Walking home, we spotted an area filled with tiny, delicate blue flowers. I haven’t seen this particular wildflower before and I’m hoping someone can identify it.

Little blue flower

I hope it’s not going to be one of those years where we go from winter right into hot weather. I love the transitions into the seasons. Typically, this time of year, the evenings are cool and I like to sit outside and listen to the Spring Peepers calling out from the wetland. To me, hearing them sing their froggy mating song is the sound of spring.

When the groundhog casts his shadow
And the small birds sing
And the pussy willows happen
And the sun shines warm
And when the peepers peep
Then it is Spring
~ Margaret Wise Brown

28 thoughts on “What Spring Hath Wrought

  1. Spring is slowly arriving here in the UK, we’re promised warm weather for the weekend. Fingers crossed! I’m looking forward to our fruit trees in bloom, a little way off yet but signs are there.

    • I hope you get your warm weather. Yeah, that’s one of the best things of spring is the beautiful blooms of the fruit trees. We don’t have a lot of fruit trees, but I love to can and hit the farm markets and orchards hard!

  2. I really enjoyed your walk about the farm. Our temperatures here in Zone 8 in Washington are just now consistently hitting 60. We are well into spring, but it is so slow going. I loved the bloodroot you have growing. I planted a double in my shade garden and I am hoping it will still bloom this year.
    Have a great spring.

    • I can’t wait until the rest of the spring ephemerals are out. They don’t last long, but are sure beautiful while they last. I identified a lot of them last year, so at least this year I’ll know what I’;m seeing!.

  3. Please send help to St. Paul, MN! Big snow storm coming in tonight so winter is not done with us in the Midwest yet. Love the gorgeous pics of spring.

    • Oh,I’m so sorry, Sue. I guess if I lived up there at the North Pole I would have more patience and not be expecting spring. I think it’s all in the expectation.

  4. Beautiful walk through you farm. Loved seeing all the small signs of spring poking out here and there. It made me think of something my mother always said when we would despair that winter would never end…”You can’t hold back the Spring.” she would say and smile at our impatience.

    • You knew she was right (mothers are always right, aren’t they?) but still it’s hard to get through those last few weeks of cold weather. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons. I always said the weather in VA would be perfect if you could eliminate February and August!

  5. I took a walk today too and found some blood root and cut-leaved toothwort. My redbuds are not out yet, and usually are not so pink as the flowers in your pictures. I am waiting for redbuds and rain because then it is time to look for morels! Yum!

    • I had morels for the first time last year when my daughter found some. Man, are they good! I’ll be out there looking too!

  6. Wow. It seems like just a few days ago you had snow! I just love spring…I think it’s the Pacific Northwest’s nicest season. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

    • You’re welcome, Denise. It was less than two weeks ago that we had snow. There were signs of spring just waiting to break loose as soon as the weather warmed just a bit.

  7. I can picture you walking around your land with your grandson…showing him all the things that are special to you…teaching him how to appreciate nature.

    • That’s exactly right. I want to expose them to the miracles of nature like my father did for me – we need all the nature-lovers we can get!

  8. Really lovely to see those precious signs of spring, very envious of your warmer days, we are not quite there yet in the uk!

    • I have a sister in Minnesota and I almost feel bad when she see the pics of our weather, but she loves it up there. Our flowers and trees were literally on pause, waiting for the first run of warm weather.

  9. Hmm…I left a comment last night but it seems to have disappeared. Anyhow, I said that I thought your mystery flower might be ground ivy-also called gill over the ground. (Glechoma hederacea )

    • I think WP had a problem because you commented on the picture rather than the post. I would think you could do that, but maybe not. Anyway, I replied that I think you’re right (my comment also disappeared). I’ll check out the leaves a little closer today. It definitely spreads like an invasive.

  10. Lovely pics of your signs of Spring, it seems to be arriving a little slower in the Cotswolds. I’m hoping we’re going to get the warmer weather we’ve been promised at the weekend as I have so many veggies I’m keen to plant. Even though it’s still cool though, I love it that when we venture out for a walk there are lambs skipping across the fields, so many buds about to erupt into life and it sounds like Spring. Agree with wholeheartedly about loving the seasons.

  11. I do hope you get that warmer weather. It always seems to take so long, but, eventually, it just happens. I love walking and seeing all the little changes. If I miss a couple of days, I can’t wait to get back out there again. So much is happening this time of year.

  12. Spring, some day….I guess I will have to settle for other people’s photos of spring. So thanks for the reassurance that there is still spring somewhere. We are now buried in snow, again.

  13. I called my sister last night because she was snow-bound…again and I thought she might want some “company.” We went from snow two weeks ago to temps in the mid-80s. I’m still hoping to catch another glimpse of our coyote neighbor, hopefully with her pups.

  14. Envie your signs of spring. Here we are still waiting for the cold to let go. Hardly no migratory birds have arrived yet, it’s pretty late now to start breeding.

    • You must be terribly impatient. I guess it’s hard to appreciate nature when you’re so ready for the next season!

  15. Wonderful, cheering post. Nice to see signs of Spring somewhere, and hope it will reach Michigan before too much longer.

    • Spring is my favorite season. I think as I get older, I get more and more impatient for the season of renewal. We heat our house with wood, so that might have more than a little something to do with my wanting warmer weather!

  16. I think I am happier to see spring every year. Great to see everything greening up and new flowers blooming every day.

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