Update: A Lucky Survivor!

This morning I thought both baby birds had succumbed to the attack of the black snake last night. The smaller of the two was cold to the touch and obviously dead; the larger one, though still warm to the touch, was unresponsive and I presumed, dying.

You can imagine my surprise when a couple hours later I heard a little chirp. At first I thought I was hearing the birds outside, but when I checked, one of the babies was moving. I could see his eyes were open and as I approached, his beak opened wide – he was hungry!

I couldn’t put the nest back on the ledge for fear the baby would fall out, so I placed it and the little bird in a hanging pot of petunias close to the site of the original nest and waited to see what happened. The distraught parents had been hanging around all morning, not knowing what to do. When the baby heard them calling, he began cheeping and no sooner had I walked away than they flew over. They were both very animated, obviously glad to see that one of their chicks had survived.

Here’s a picture of the little guy in the nest this evening. He’s alert and eating.

Baby phoebe in nest

I hope he makes it. Only time will tell if he suffered any internal injuries.


28 thoughts on “Update: A Lucky Survivor!

  1. LOL! He looks pretty comfy in there…
    He also looks as though asking, “NOW what do you want??”

    • I’m sure he misses the warmth of his siblings. It got chilly last night and I was worried about him, but he’s fine this morning.

    • You’re right about that. Nature has her own way of working things out and most of the time we are just bystanders.

    • I will Alice. I’m trying to temper my hopes because he might have internal injuries from the fall, but I will definitely keep everyone posted.

    • Mine too, If all goes well, he should fledge in a couple of weeks. In my experience, the young fledge early in the morning when there’s little activity.

    • Thanks. I’ve learned the best thing to do is to intervene as little as possible and leave it up to Nature to do the rest.

  2. That is a lucky little birdie to have you trying to keep him alive; I believe he will make it.

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