Update: The Little Guy Fledged!

Well, it happened. I was watering the flowers on the front porch when a bird zoomed out of the phoebe nest and flew into a nearby tree. At first I thought it was the mother phoebe, but when I checked the nest, it was empty! The young phoebe had fledged! I watched him fly from one branch to another, which told me he had no injuries. Mama phoebe was close by, so she will show him the ropes. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon, but I’m happy that the little guy was able to leave the nest and start life on his own. 

23 thoughts on “Update: The Little Guy Fledged!

  1. Yay!! And, once he’s set, perhaps they’ll be on to clutch #2: )

      • Ah, right… For a moment I forgot about how much farther south you are compared to here in Southern Ontario. Oh well, in that case, at least they had one nestling survive and she (hopefully it’s a female) will be a lot healthier for her parents’ undivided attention: )

    • You’re welcome. You’re right, it is amazing how nature works. I love that the phoebes and other birds nest close-by so I can watch the process unfold.

    • Yeah, a happy outcome. I’m up early listening to the dawn chorus and I guess he’s adding his voice to all the others.

    • I enjoy listening to the birds throughout the day. We’ve had a lot of rain and I missed hearing them.

  2. When in the course of human events (as they say) when my morning seems to be overloaded with murder, mayhem and such other popular human activities, your observations of God’s nature is quite special. Not being a particularly eloguent person, I’ll just leaving my reaction to your journaling as incredibility refreshing!! TU!! Rich Murtagh…or Dick Murtagh or Richard Murtagh (Depending when someone met me,was displeased with me or I just plain irritated them.)

    • I agree that nature can be quite uplifting and healing. but Richard, really, how could anyone be displeased with you? 🙂

    • I read that only about 40% of nestlings live to fledge, so I know the cards are stacked against them. Glad I could help just one.

    • Lucky you. I’ve never seen any whales, but lots of dolphins. They actually came up very close to me once when I was swimming and swam a ways with me. Pretty nifty. I always miss my garden and chickens when I’m away.

  3. It is now almost Christmas. Are you OK? ‘Tis cold, today, even down here in North Florida. I hope you and all of the critters have a wonderfully scenic winter with a Merry Christmas. — Bear

  4. I am fine. Thanks for asking. Been busy with many other things that take precedence over my blog, but I miss doing the blog and expect to get back to it in the New Year. Merry Christmas to you as well!

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