No fireworks for me

My dogs have never experienced fireworks. I’ve been living in the country since 2010, which is the year I got Callie, and Noah didn’t join our family until 2014. We never went to watch fireworks, mostly because it was a drive to get there, and, at our age, we’d already seen our share of fireworks displays.

This year, I chose to stay home as well. Callie would be nervous, but I knew she would be fine. Noah, on the other hand, gets the shakes and runs from room to room (kind of like how I imagine a wild dog might react) anytime there’s a loud noise, like a gun shot or a car backfiring. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fireworks, wondering what was happening at home.

As it turned out, the fireworks only lasted about 20 minutes. Callie cuddled next to me. Noah shuddered with each boom and paced from room to room, looking for an escape, but eventually settled down on the sofa with Callie and me. I guess he figured since he was still alive, maybe it was going to be okay.

Sadly, there will be a lot of pets that will be terrified. They don’t understand loud noises and will look for an escape, and if they get out, they will run, many far enough that they can’t find their way back.

So I stayed home to make sure my dogs were safe. I’d rather stay home than come home and discover that one or both dogs were gone, or worse, something bad happened to them.

I can only imagine how terrifying the loud noises and lights must be to wildlife. Every year, countless animals die when fireworks scare nursing mothers away from their young and frighten birds into windows and traffic.

Yet, the 4th of July and fireworks have become inseparable in our culture as a way to celebrate the founding of our wonderful country. If you do go to watch fireworks, here are some tips to keep your pets safe. Have a happy and safe Independence Day!



7 thoughts on “No fireworks for me

  1. Mine are both rescues. I used to blame Noah’s skittishness on the fact that he was used as a hunting dog and not socialized when I got him. He has calmed down and is quite settled most of the time, but the skittishness remains. They are all different.

  2. I enjoy moderate fireworks – the more quiet backyard kind. But nowadays the big displays come with booms and whistles. Kiana got the shakes too. Hope people read your blog and continue to get educated.

    • Fireworks and the 4th are like Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie, and I doubt that will change any time soon. Hopefully, over time, people will demand change. In the meantime, people need to keep their pets safe.

  3. In the three years we’ve had Penelope, this has been the worst one yet for fireworks and it’s really taking a toll on all of us. Lots of illegal fireworks (sounds like cannons) blown up at intermittent times well before the 4th and well after. In the weeks since people started blowing things up, we are once again dealing with a skittish dog who doesn’t want to be outside and has started fear wetting at night when she knows we’re going to put her out. And when we do, we just hope we get three minutes of quiet or we’ve lost our chance. Doggie Xanax barely did anything. I don’t know when and how people gave themselves permission to set fireworks off through the month of June and July but it’s happened. Neighbors who have nicely asked other neighbors via social media to be respectful of people who need to wake up early for work, have children with sound sensitivities, and terrified pets, have been met with very insensitive comments back to say the least. Already dreading next year.

    • Also adding that this year we used a car harness because of its stability. So in the weeks leading up to and after the fourth, we don’t use our every day walking harness, we use a car harness that she can’t break free from.

      • I can totally relate. Seems everyone is overly sensitive and defensive on social media these days. People who have posted against releasing balloons that pose a threat to wildlife are met with ridicule or nasty remarks. I use a martingale collar on my hound to keep him from being able to slip his collar. Luckily, discharging firearms and fireworks are not allowed in our community except during the 4th of July weekend.

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