Sharing the wineberries

With all the rain last spring, wineberry vines grew unchecked in a couple of our garden beds because we didn’t tend them. This year, the vines produced a LOT of berries, so we got the idea to “cultivate” them for even better production next year. We cover them at night to keep the deer from eating them and pick the ripe ones about every three days. We eat what we want and freeze the rest.

Wineberries, also known as wine raspberries, are a delicious and slightly sour red raspberry. They originated from Asia, but are now firmly established in the eastern U.S. We have several patches in the field that get plenty of sun where both wineberries and wild blackberries grow. We used to fight the rabbits, birds, and deer for the ripe wineberries, which we prefer over the blackberries, but now there’s plenty for all!